About The Owners of The Amazon Lodge


Peter is a 70 year old retired civil engineer and entrepreneur who can fix anything.  Born in England he has spent the last 35 years in Trinidad & Tobago running various businesses. He was also President of the Chamber of Commerce and Chairman of Point Lisas, one of the largest petrochemical complexes in the Americas.


Louise is 40 year old scientist with a master degree in Zoology who can cook anything!! Fed up with office politics and academia, she sailed from Cape Town with a friend to the Caribbean to seek her fortune. Fresh from an open cast diamond mine reclamation project in South Africa she is full or stories and excellent company.


And if Peter & Louise are off sailing in their 55 year old teak hulled motor yacht "Passagemaker"  (www.passagemaker.org)

Shirley .. better known as "Shirls" ... shown below ... will spoil you rotten

South African Shirley Dickinson immigrated in her mid twenties to Canada with her husband and two children. Worked in the school system and then moved into the Hotel Industry and hotel management. She also had a successful ice-cream store. Getting bored with life on land and beaurocracy in general, she pursued a life sailing the seas. She met her current husband who had the same dream and set off in their yacht from Cape Town, South Africa to Brazil and then the Caribbean and have gone as far north as the Chesapeake, Bahamas and Bermuda and then south again, living and cruising life full-time.