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Carnival is truly one of the world's most amazing experiences. It is for the people of Trinidad & Tobago and run by the people of Trinidad & Tobago. Visitors are super welcome to join in.


There are no floats like Mardi Gra in New Orleans or Rio in Brazil ... this is 100,000 people just coming out to enjoy themselves.



The Amazon Lodge is the preferred Carnival destination especially if this is your first Carnival. Peter & Louise have between them played Carnival for over 40 years and are happy to share their wealth of experience with you.



The Amazon Lodge is also a favourite photo shoot site for Masqueraders. Check out these shots of Martrecia in her costume from the section Eden part of the band Tribe. The photos were taken by Julio Sifontes.

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A history of Carnival


A sample of Carnival


The Kings & Queens of Carnival


Carnival Tuesday Parade of Bands


Carnival 2019 Video


Carnival 101




Now Carnival wouldn't be Carnival without Steel Pan.

Click here for a beautiful pan solo


And when you are "Carnivaled Out" we have marvelous beaches and all sorts of wonderful cultural and historic sites to show you as we are located literally in the centre of all the really good stuff. Click on "Tours"for ideas on what to do.




1: Accommodation sells out very fast. We are often fully booked by the August before the Carnival. BOOK NOW!!

2: Special Carnival Rates apply during the periods shown below.
3: Minimum Carnival stay is 7 nights, payable in full in advance. No refunds for cancelations.

4: Carnival Monday and Tuesday are the days before Ash Wednesday. Here are the dates for the next few years.
    2020 - February 24th & 25th (Carnival rates apply from Sunday 16th of February to Sunday 1st of March)

     2021 - February 15th & 16th (Carnival rates apply from Sunday 7th of February to Sunday 21st of March)

     2022 - February 28th & March 1st (Carnival rates apply from Sunday 20th of February to Sunday 6th of March)

5: Please, please, please liaise with us before you book any Carnival activity. Some bands are great to play with some are not.

6: Please, please please liaise with us before you book a car. Trinidad is NOT geared for visitors. Road signs are few and far between. The steering wheel is on the right. Traffic can be horrendous. Delays of two hours or more are common.

7: YOU WILL BE SAFE. We have a track record of less crime than any World Cup or any Olympics.

8: Carnival in the capital Port of Spain is spread over the entire city. It is vital you keep in touch with us so we can be sure to get you back to The Lodge when the mas finishes as taxis and public transport will be very hard to find.

9: Please note we will not be taking any booking for Carnival 2017 before 1st August 2016. This is because we prefer to take guests who are staying longer than the minimum period.


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See you in the Band !!