The Kitchen is Closed ... but not to worry


Due to staffing problems, meals other than breakfast, are not available for the moment. We hope to resume normal service as soon as possible. In the meantime ........


..... fortunately Cuepe Junction, which is just 5 minutes away from The Lodge, might almost be considered the culinary centre of Trinidad.

 To start with we have a wonderful Thai restaurant. (Click here to see the menu)

There is Yang's Chinese Wok. Then add marvelous street food like indian "doubles" and wonderful gyros. There's Burger King and Subway as well. We are happy to take you to any of these and bring you back free of charge as they are very near.


Then there are at least six speciality restaurants at Trin City mall about 15 minutes away and an authentic Indian restaurant at Grand Bazaar another neaby mall.


We have home delivery of Papa John's Pizza and the venerable KFC.  Plus we are happy to get Housains indian fare in the afternoons for guests to have at dinner. Even our kitchen can be made available if you love cooking.


And at The Lodge there are always drinks with hot political and economic conversations available.


So no one will go hungry and meal times will not be boring !!


The Kitchen at The Amazon Lodge. Check out the art gallery on the wall.