The Amazon Lodge Rates in US $


Please note:
1: All rates are valid until further notice.
2: The first night must be paid for in advance to secure your room. At Carnival time the full payment must be made in advance. No refunds for cancelations.
3: Prices include all service charges. VAT will be added. No children allowed.
4: Payments may be made by MasterCard, Visa credit card, US or TT dollars or via PayPal. We do not accept American Express.

      Credit Card payments cost 3% extra and PayPal payments cost 5.5% extra.
5: All prices are per room based on double occupancy.
6: Up to two extra persons can fit in the Manaus Room. The cost is US $20/night/extra person. 
7: If you don't have a valid MasterCard or Visa credit card you must pay in full in advance to secure your booking
8: Check in time is between 2 and 6 pm. Check out time is 10 am. Any change in these hours is US $10.00/ hr..
9: If you wish us to hold your room while you take an overnight trip to our sister isle of Tobago we can do this for 50% of the normal room rate.

       This means you can leave everything where you put it in your room and just take an overnight bag instead of having to pack and vacate your room.

SAVE MONEY ON ROOMS: 5% Discount for booking with us directly by e-mailing us at

 There is also a 5% Discount on rooms for Returning Guests and 5% Discount on everything for Cash Payments. Total 15% !!


Accommodation (Click here to see more pictures of rooms) Click here for Carnival details.

Manaus Room
Two double beds, free WiFi, cable TV and its own bathroom

Per Night
2018/9 ... $120

     Carnival 2019 $180

Pink Dolphin Room
One double bed, free WiFi, Cable TV with shared bathroom.

Per Night
2018/9 ... $100

Carnival 2019  $150

Rio Solimoes Room
One "cozy" double bed, free WiFi, Cable TV and shared bathroom

Per Night
2018/9 ... $90

Carnival 2019 $135
Meals Continental Breakfast Included  
Lunch & Dinner available by request. See "Cuisine"
Drinks Bottled water and soft drinks Included  
  Local beer and local rum, scotch, wine, etc. available by request. See "Cuisine"    
    6 am to 9 pm 9 pm to 6 am
Taxi Pickup from Piarco International Airport $30 $60
(1 to 3 persons) Drop to Piarco International Airport $20 $40
  To or from Trin City Mall $15 $30
To or from Port of Spain / UTT Macoya $40 $80
  To or from Chaguaramas Marinas $60 $120
Local drops in Curepe, Tunapuna and St. Augustine $10 $20
  To or from nearby Maxi taxi stand in Curepe $5 $10
Click here for the Fine Print ....
in nice big, easily readable type .

PS: We have a puppy "Lady" and a cat "Minky"
for your free "fur therapy".
We only accept Visa and MasterCard. Euro cards are not accepted unless they bear the Visa or Mastercard logo. PLEASE BE SURE TO TELL YOUR CREDIT CARD ISSUER THAT YOUR CARD WILL BE USED IN TRINIDAD & TOBAGO TO PAY YOUR DEPOSIT AND YOUR FINAL BILL.